Stuck installing for windows 10 home

I installed rust from - 64 bit. I didn’t get any prompts for visual studio 2022 possibly because I have VS 2019 installed?

My dir C:\Users\Gene.cargo\bin - contains:

RUST dir

The instructions for checking the installation say “To check whether you have Rust installed correctly, open a shell and enter this line:” $ rustc --version

My question is how do I open a “shell”? I can open the CMD window but how do I open this “shell”?

CMD is a shell program, as is PowerShell


Thanks, Semicoleon
I was unaware that the CMD (dos box?) was a cell. Moreover, I was expecting to see the $ prompt.
Now with cmd open, I type rustc and get a lot of return data. Still, no $ which I guess I must be inside the terminal.
I should add that I am most familiar with an IDE as opposed to the command line which I did use many many years ago.
I am looking forward to learning and using rust for, and as a hobby.

Thank you

Gene LeDuc

The $ means the shell prompt, on Windows that'll be a > instead, e.g. I get something like this.

PS C:\> rustc --version
rustc 1.67.1 (d5a82bbd2 2023-02-07)
PS C:\>

I'd also recommend using Windows Terminal (If you aren't already), the command prompt/cmd are considered legacy these days, and WT is just plain nicer.

Still trying but...
I am new to coding with a terminal. I am used to opening an IDE and entering code -debugging- running, and making it better.
I did install WT - which is much better than CMD. That said, it took me too long to create the hello_world directory successfully. Then the next step (in the book) said "make a new source file and call it How do I make a source file? is it made in WT? The book explains why the name has an underscore but not how to create a new source file. Then it says, "Now open the file you just created ..."
I have a lot to learn! Is there some book that covers this stuff? Better yet a video!
Thanks for your patience!

You can just work in a normal GUI editor now. I use Visual Studio Code for Rust work.

It's a bit hard to answer this, because there are many different ways of creating a text file - as many ways as there are IDEs and text editors!

You probably need to pick the IDE or editor that you want to use, and get comfortable with it, before proceeding with the hello_world tutorial. If you want a full IDE experience, Visual Studio Code is a good choice. If you want a basic text editor, Notepad++ is great.

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Thanks rj
OK, good answer. Now I realize that I am to create a text file and store it in the "hello world" folder created with the tutorial in the book. I will look into notepad++.

Thanks for the reply semi. I have worked with visual studio but found it a bit complicated to get it to work with Arduino. I want to use a GUI with rust. is there a place that shows how to do so?

This is just a confused attempt to get started. The last time I worked with this stuff it was with DOS.

VSCode is a completely different project from Visual Studio[1].

  1. though still from Microsoft ↩︎

Please tell me more about VSCode. How do I find it as opposed to Visual Studio

The Rust Analyzer project maintains an extension for VSCode which will give you a bunch of IDE-like features for Rust projects in VSCode.

Probably the absence of prompts for Visual Studio 2022 might be due to your existing installation of Visual Studio 2019. Regarding your question about opening a "shell," the easiest way to do so is to use the Windows search bar and type in "Command Prompt" or "Windows PowerShell." Both of these options will provide you with a shell where you can enter the "rustc --version" command to check the installation of Rust. Also, you may want to double-check that you're using the appropriate windows keys for your version of Windows 10 Home. Sometimes using the wrong keys can cause issues during installation.I hope this helps!

Thanks again Semi!

Mike A
I've started and stopped too often to really get RUST going. In my defense, summertime activities are far greater than the need to pursue a hobby. That said, I am still determined to get over the learning curve and start up a new skill.

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