Installation problem

Hello Everyone
I'm new here.
Actually, I'm trying to execute a basic program here which is written in rust programming only
I've used Visual Studio of 2019 and 2022 and I've Installed of both the 2019 and 2022 build tools.
And also I've installed windows 10 SDK.
Then I installed "rust-init.exe" as an admin. It is Installed.
After that trying to execute the "hello world" program but it is not working [

Does anyone know how to fix this error [Link Error]
I need your help here to fix this.
Thanks in advance.
Phanendhar Reddy

Have you installed the C++ build tools with the Visual Studio installer beforehand ? By default I believe it only selects the .NET toolchain.

Edit: I see you've installed rust as an admin, your user and the admin don't necessarily have the same $env:PATH. Check if your PATH contains link.exe. Try logging out and in your session to refresh your environment. Uninstall and reinstall as a normal user.

I'm the admin
I don't have any other profile

Can't able to run the "hello world" program this is the error
And Here is the visual studio and build tools
Did I missed anything here?
Are any Individual Components to be added particularly?

Thank you for the quick response.
Phanendhar Reddy.

Here is the code

Windows 10 SDK

I hope the installation was correct.

Environmental variables are

  1. Windows 10 SDK is added.
  2. VS build tools are also added in the "Path".
  3. Did any rust language-specific variables missed?

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