Sponsor work on Rust!


Want to give back to the Rust community? I’ve put together a roster of Rustaceans doing incredible work who would benefit from individual and institutional support – each with a dedicated Patreon page. Check it out!


My personal pledges (largely focused on Rust for games):

Patreon is awesome but I do think https://opencollective.com/ is a more appropriate platform for open source projects. The Rust org could also set up its own organisation there and reduce the “platform tax” from 10% to 5% for any project under the Rust umbrella.


The core team had a discussion about this, but our focus is mainly on the 2018 edition at the moment. We hope to have a bit more bandwidth to revisit it at some point after the edition release. Thanks for the suggestion!


I just got a couple emails from Patreon about refunds and it looks like some pages were removed. Anyone know what happened? I’d like to continue to support the people who make the tools I use everyday.


Yep, at least my account was removed for some reason :frowning:


I am trying to contact Patreon support for the last several days, no response so far.


Decentralisation is a good thing. I love the idea of Patreon, but not the single point of failure (read censorship).

Can we just donate to a multi-sig bitcoin address? (I’m sure the parity team could help)

I’ll get it in the neck for this, but the brave browser is pretty good and that’s going to be sending money your way as rust is a significant chunk of my browser time :smile: . Hopefully one day firefox and brave will <3 but I do understand getting one version working (chromium) is a good thing before integrating with firefox.


There is also this. https://codesponsor.io/


Still nothing? This has happened to a couple of open source projects, including the Armory3D engine:

I keep bringing up OpenCollective for this reason. They’re narrowly focused on the open movement and the platform itself is open source should anything like the above ever happen. They’re investigating accepting cryptocurrencies as well.

Great project! They’re now called CodeFund. We recently added support for it in Discourse. It’s a very different type of project though, as they’re about ethical ads, not donations.


They replied and asked for additional details.


First, huge thanks for putting up the list and including me in it, I got a Rust job thanks to that!

Second my Patreon account also got deleted and they’ve not responded to my emails, so I’d recommend against using Patreon.


BackYourStack looks promising and a good thing to support the open source developers of the packages/crates that one depends on. Really like the idea of making it as streamlined as possible, both for individual backers and esp. for companies that depend and build on crates for their business.

BackYourStack currently do not support Patreon (but are open for it), but based on the previous posts & experiences here maybe it would be better if more in the Rust community use opencollective or the other services directly instead of just Patreon. Haven’t found that many Rust devs on opencollective compared to Patreon though.

They also don’t support Rust in their repository scanning at this point, but I opened an issue to discuss it and likely isn’t too difficult to add?

Trying to find a good solution to support and back great Rust crates and their devs/maintainers that we depend on for our game development work at Embark, and something that is scalable for the Rust ecosystem at large.


Still says “This page has been removed.”