I've put together a survey about desired libraries and tools


Hello everyone,

I’ve been using Rust full time and work for a couple of months now and am incredibly pleased with how well it’s going. Throughout my experience until now, I’ve found that there are some small things here and there that are missing from our ecosystem which I’ve had to go out and either build or improve myself. In some cases, it’s not been clear to me whether the things I’ve been working on would benefit the community much as a whole, and I’ve sought after a better sense of direction to help me focus my efforts (particularly in my spare time working on open source).

To that end, I’ve put together this simple and short survey with the hopes of collecting information about the community’s needs for new or improvements to existing libraries and tooling. It’s my hope that the results of this survey could provide some footing from which we could collectively maintain lists of interesting and useful tasks for people looking to get some experience working with Rust from.

If you can, please take a moment to fill out this survey.