Rust is again most-loved in Stack Overflow survey

I have to come clean and say that the real reason I left Haskell out of the conversation was ignorance. Up until about a year ago I had never even heard of Haskell. Despite moving in and out of different industries in different countries over decades I have heard any one speak of it let alone use it. I should have added my usual get out clause "as far as I know".

Even now I have only seen a few dozen lines of Haskell, as the result of a "favorite language benchmark shoot out" a bunch of us had a while back. I immediately decided it was not for me. My Rust entry won by the way! Only the C entrant could get close.

L0uisc has a point. As far as I can tell Haskell is out of the running for much of the work I have ever done if it requires a complex run time and GC. It's not a systems programming language.