Rust wins again, in 2021

as if there would be any doubt!

Rust is best.



I'm not sure we should shout about those statistics much, they are beginning to smell a bit fishy.

Looking at the "most loved" chart I see they have Javascript and node.js, which are both actually Javascript. Then there is Typescript, which is also essentially Javascript. Putting all those together we can conclude JS is way more loved than Rust.

Still, it's very encouraging to see a sensible language get so much widespread attention for a change.

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Yes, I too have noticed JavaScript there, under-cover of several names.
I have seen this posted on Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook already.
It is good publicity.

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It's all relative. It's showing the percentage (not the absolute number) of users that use the language and want to continue to use it.Typescript alone got like 4 times the amount of votes Rust got.


Got interested in how rust percentage moves in most popular technologies:

2021 6.75%
2020 5.1%
2019 3.2%
2018 N/A

Actually I got somewhat confused by all the charts. There is most used, most wanted, and most loved languages. All with very different figures and ordering.

What does it mean "loved" vs "wanted"? How is that not the same thing?

I guess all that is explained somewhere but for the last two hours those pages won't load, I just get a spinner forever. Seems these results are very popular :slight_smile:

There are two questions:

  1. are you using this language now?
  2. do you want to use it later?


  • "Most used" = "most answered "yes" in 1".
  • "Most wanted" = "most answered "yes" in 2".
  • "Most loved" = "among ones who answered "yes" in 1, most answered "yes" in 2".
  • There's also "most dreaded" = "among ones who answered "yes" in 1, least answered "yes" in 2" (i.e. general attitude is "I worked with it and don't want anymore").

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