Rust applications for my ideas :))

Fisrt , thank for this community :slight_smile:
I'm have ideas...
for example a database (mongodb) or a key-value storage like redis or real-time monitoring systems
or a big social media for iranians :slight_smile: and ...
rust is appropriate for my targets ?
or im should use C language ?

You have listed some huge and wide ranging gaols there. So I would hesitate to suggest what language may be most suitable.

In a vague way I will say:

Anything you can do in C you can do in Rust. With similar performance.

Rust offers a lot of high level abstractions that are not available in C, which I feel will make writing almost anything easier.

Rust and it's standard library and thousands of available crates will likely make creating many things easer than using C.

Rust's strict type checking and rules about ownership/aliasing of data will make it easier to create correct robust code. Which as good implications for system security, Far less tolerant of programmer errors.

That said, I suspect it might be possible that other languages, other than C, might be more suitable for certain applications.

In the end I think you should take the time to learn Rust. Even if you end up not using Rust it has many interesting features worthy of study in their own right. Which may have a positive effect on how you design/write code in languages like C. Rust is the first language with genuinely new concepts about programming that has come about in many decades.


سلام ، خیلی ممنون برادر
امیدوارم موفق باشید :heart: :pray:

hi bro
thanks for answer :slight_smile:

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