Hi everyone, Rust as a first language

when I say first language I don't mean the first to learn. I've learned python before it and understand the basics of comp science and tried to learn C++ to understand low level and system programming concepts and it did that, but it was really frustrating and hard also the way you work with libraries isn't that great so do you think learning Rust as the first language to actually make projects with is a good idea?
(sorry for the bad English, it's not my first language).

It really depends on the project. Use the language that is most suited.

But for general purpose projects and cli tools I'd use rust any day of the week. For correctness and speed. Thanks to the compiler it's like the code writes itself. And no more pesky double free errors or any of that.

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to be a Mature C++ programmer you will cost so much time to solve core dump and segmentation fault error, so learning rust can be a better choice, lol

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Rust is good for the second language after Python -- it gives the discipline and skills to write code safe from the scratch.

What is the problem is understanding its bare roots such as memory aliasing, type system, borrowing, etc.

Also, don't fix on Rust's practical usability -- not all can submit to the domination of its runtime and computation model ideology 8)

For the first time, just look at Rust as a learning paradigm and infrastructure, it will make you a qualified multithreaded programmer. It will change your mind and thinking, but it does not forces you to use Rust itself.

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I think it really depends on the person. Everybody thinks differently.

I'd say Rust is totally worth a try. I've heard some beginner programmers say that Rust was the first language that actually made sense to them.

Like @dRAT3 said, it does depend on the project you want to work on:

  • If you want to work on a command-line program, then Rust is amazing and has great libraries.
  • If you want to work on a webserver or other server applications, Rust has a lot of great libraries and capability there too.
  • If you want to work on an app with a graphical user interface, the choices are a bit more difficult to make and nothing is the obvious decision for UI libraries yet.

Compared to C++, I would definitely suggest Rust. Absolute beginners can write great Rust programs that don't crash, and we have an amazing and helpful community here on the forum that is very open to beignners, so it's a great environment to learn in. The Rust community alone is a big enough reason to learn Rust! :slight_smile:


Could you elaborate on that?

Because as far as I can see, why not?

On the one hand Rust is touted as a "systems programming language". Whatever that may mean. I take it to mean a language one could use to write an operating system, or use in embedded systems etc, etc.

On the other hand I see Rust has high level languages features enough that I can't see why it could not be used for anything one would do in Javascript or Python.

Of course a lot will depend on the libraries and whatever existing infrastructure one need to use. For example just now I would rather write a GUI app using Qt in C++ than Rust, or do what I do in the browser in Javascript. But I see no reason why at some point the Rust ecosystem cannot match all of that, and make it easier.

Yes indeed. Learning Rust teaches one a lot of hard realities about how computers work. Useful to know even if you end up not using Rust in a project.

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