Rust programming

I'm a mid-level developer with 5 years experience
but I just working with PHP and some time littely other languages (c & javascript)
and I wanna to use rust language for large projects.
I have a series of questions about rust
first , rust is good to high performance ?
if i wanna to create a database or big projects ... rust is good for it ?
how many time need to learn rust language and when i can to develop my ideas ?
whats rust requirements to learn ?
can i working image/sound processing with rust ?
where i can see rust performance ?
thanks all :slight_smile:

See my reply to your similar question in your other post here.

It's not really good forum etiquette to post the same thing multiple times.

See Rust vs C gcc - Which programs are fastest? | Computer Language Benchmarks Game for comparison of Rust C and other language performance.

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thank bro :heart: :pray: :slight_smile:

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