Rust and WebAssembly (WASM)

Hello good people !

Now that we are in 2022, what are your thoughts on WebAssembly in general and WASM with Rust in particular?

Mainstream or niche (WASM) ??

I am interested to learn using Rust on WASM, assuming WASM is likely to become a mainstream technology (or already there?).

I found this resource:

Can anyone advise where should I look for Rust on WebAssembly learning resources?

Many thanks in advance and happy 2022 to everyone.

RustWasm book IS a learning resource. If you need something else, please specify your need.

thank you.

I was asking for any highly-recommended Rust + WASM learning resources, in addition to what I have found.
I know nothing about WASM (and I know nothing about JavaScript/CSS/HTML programming either).
I am relatively comfortable with most aspects of Rust on the server-side.

If this resource that I found is the best, great, I will start there.

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