Webassembly + Rust assistance getting started

Hello all, so Im a little confused here on how to get a project even started with rust and webassembly. Ive been trying to do some research online and I feel like there is just way too much going on and that I cant get a straightforward answer on how to get something started. Anyone have any experience on getting something up and running? Anyone have time to maybe help/mentor me a little bit further into how everything works? Im relatively new with Rust and even programming, ive only been at it for a year and mostly with Javascript. Preferably I would like to have the ability to be able to pass more than u32 integers between rust and js, if that helps narrow down what im looking for. Thanks guys.

Most big WebAssembly projects will have some sort of "Getting Started" guide. I'd just pick one which sounds relevant and follow it through.

For example, you might want to read the Wasmtime Guide if you want to use WebAssembly outside of the browser.

The WasmBindgen Guide is good if you want your WebAssembly to run in the browser and access native JavaScript APIs. The #[wasm_bindgen] attribute lets you pass more complex types between JavaScript and Rust, and its use is covered in the guide.

And then you could perhaps look at this as a template: Dean Komen / Wasm Mandelbrot ยท GitLab

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