Hello Rust community. Nice to meet you!

Hi there. I'm Markus and I just landed here. I'm currently doing a deep dive into Rust and WebAssembly and I'm here to learn a lot and having good interactions with you. Just to say hi and I am looking forward to good discussions with the community. See you later and take care.




Hi! Enjoy. I don't know if Rust is the nicest language you could find, but I am sure about the people using it :slight_smile:

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Well, hello. And seasons greetings.

An excellent time to get stuck into Rust. I'm sure you will find it a treat.

May we ask what programming background you come from? Languages, application areas? It's always interesting to see newcomers comments on their experience of Rust, they seem to vary quite a bit depending on what languages/environments they are used to.

Hi. I'm not very experienced as a developer. I started with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript about two years ago. I tried out React and Next.js a bit. The most experience I have with Python. I use it for Machine Learning and AI stuff, but not in a professional setup. I learned to know more about WebAssembly and Rust and I want to learn these two topics because I think WebAssembly is one of the building blocks for a modern way to do software development. I also believe in opensource LLM's and that it needs to be used in a browser or on local and edge devices. Thats why I want to learn Rust and WASM.

It is said that many of those coming to Rust from languages like JavaScript and Python have a hard time getting into it. Having to think about all kind of details they never had to think about before.

Having done a lot of work in C, C++ on one end of the spectrum and JavaScript and Python on the other I don't feel this need be a concern. It is quite possible to write very simple looking Rust, even if it is not the most optimal or efficient. One can absorb further details of the language when ready.

As an example, when I started out in Rust I created this Writing Javascript in Rust ... almost in JavaScript and Rust. They look almost the same !

Anyway, have fun.

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