Rust Newcomer from Python

Hi all,

I’ve recently begun my journey in learning rust. I’ve been studying The Book, and am looking to expand my knowledge further. I’ve been looking around at projects I can contribute to as a beginner (please let me know if you have any!), but am also open to tips and advice from more seasoned Rustaceans! I look forward to being on the boards with you all, and hopefully I can work with you all in the not-so-distant future!



Yay, if you ever need help, this forum has many people who are want to help :crab:

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You can find projects to contribute here:

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Thank you for this! I’ve had a peek at it earlier and there are some really good things going! I will look for some to join and hopefully it will increase my confidence with the language!

Welcome! I also came to rust from Python. Hope you enjoy it like I have. Feel free to ask questions here.

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