New to Rust, looking for practice


Hi, I’m a Rust beginner and I’m looking for a project/problem set to get some practice with some of the more unique aspects of rust (I’m familiar with Java and I’m currently learning Haskell. I also have plans to start on C in the near future). On that subject, it may be a good idea to have a set of practice problems to go along with the examples in the Rust Book to help newbies like myself achieve a better understanding of Rust.


Yeah, having this would be nice.


See this reddit thread where people are submitting proposals for things they’d like to have or projects they’ve already started which need contributors. Might be helpful.


Do you know the Rosetta Code Wiki and rust-rosetta on GitHub?


I hadn’t, but both of your suggestions seem useful. Thank you.


In addition to the other suggestions here take a look at the Awesome-Rust repo, as I’m sure nearly all project kisted would be willing and grateful for contributions. Even though it’s already in the above linked Reddit thread, there are some simple issues in clap that I’d more than willing to accept a PR from :wink: