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I wanted to ask whether you could give me a recommendation on a book I could read to learn more about Rust, particularly about working on Rust in combination with WASM for embedded/IoT applications. I've been working with Rust for about a year, been through the Rust book and have just finished Jon Gjengset's "Rust for Rustaceans" (it's great :smile: , can't say that I understand everything but have been constantly looking up and using things from there since I read it). Something on that level, but with a focus on WASM would be great. I've done some searching and saw the " Programming WebAssembly with Rust" book by Keving Hoffman. This would probably be my choice, but I saw many reviews saying that a lot of the content was outdated.

It would be great if you could recommend me something for the next read. Thanks a lot! Have a great weekend! :smiley:

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Here's the official Rust + WASM book.

If you haven't read it yet, I recommend the Rust and WebAssembly book. In particular, the tutorial, which involves implementing the Game of Life for a web browser is a good, hands-on introduction to the tooling and concepts that you will need to understand how WASM works and how to compile to it from Rust, as well as the deliberate limitations of WASM (e.g. having to delegate I/O to external programs for security reasons).

Unfortunately, learning materials for WASM focused on embedded/IoT are much more limited. The Hoffman book you named is the only one I am aware of, but it was published in 2019 and inevitably things have moved on a bit since then. WASM is still primarily focused on the web browser, and to a lesser extent on cloud apps, so this isn't surprising.

My recommendation would be to get familiar with browser-based WASM initially, since learning materials are easier to find, and once you're done with that, look up one of the more lightweight, non-browser WASM runtimes like WasmEdge (which has a book) or WAMR, and start playing with them. If you have a specific embedded/IoT use case you're interested in, try looking for related open source projects, dig around the code and ask the devs questions.

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