Release Notes for rs-pbrt v0.9.0 (Rust implementation of Physical Based Rendering)

First release of rs-pbrt in 2021!

Read more about this release here:

Click here for a link to a YouTube video. In the video I show the C++ code of pbrt v4 in action, rendering an example scene into the tev viewer. I do plan to port at least this feature over to the Rust counterpart. Any help on that would be appreciated.

Setup Wizard

To make things more user friendly I started to provide a Windows installation package ( .msi ) for those who are not familiar with Rust and how to compile an executable themselves. From now on this will be part of each release. Something similar for Linux is planned. For Windows I used the WiX toolset and the Rust crate cargo-wix.


BTW I was asked to make rs-pbrt available on, so I did:

Let me know if something broke. Someone had taken pbrt as a crate name already ... So maybe some documentation links will break etc. ...

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