Rs-pbrt v0.9.3 (Rust implementation of Physical Based Rendering)

I just released v0.9.3 of rs_pbrt. Even though there are some planned features before there will be a version 1.0 release, the code doesn't change that much anymore. For Windows there is a download section now (the new installer will be added probably tomorrow):

Read the Docs information was updated:

I have to figure out a good way to release for Windows and MacOS ...
... but you always can just compile from source code ...


Great, love the book.

Note: there seems to be an old date on the frontpage

Question: Are you planning to implement the 4th edition as well?

Hi @MichaelV , are you talking about the download link? I did fix that! Thanks for noticing. It was 2012 instead of 2021 ...

I would be interested in such a port, but the last time I worked mainly on my own. Antoine Büsch did start earlier with a similar approach and at some point he decided to contribute his code to the one I was developing, because his development had slowed down, whereas mine had never really stopped, but now I'm more or less fearure complete and I would like to start working on a 1.0 release and bring the standalone (CLI) renderer into e.g. some Linux distributions. Daniel Egger also contributed in 2019, but otherwise it was just me working on this for several years.
A GPU port is not trivial and and it would be good to start such a project with a bigger developer community with real interest on working on such a project for a long time period. The one and only thing I would like to backport from pbrt-v4 to my Rust implementation would be the connection to tev, which iXialumy has started working on already. We discussed that on Discord and I'm waiting for his pull request. Such a feature (to see the image while rendering) would add so much to the CLI version. Another topic I'm interested in would be to write a Hydra delegate for USD. That would allow to intergate the CLI rendered into existing DCCs like Houdini (or Blender).

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Thank you for the answer/explanation/vision.

And the date fix

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