"programming Rust" book, paper versions shipping yet?


Oh! Congratulations :book: :heart:
Must be a nice feeling as author!

I’m looking forward to it even more after all the feedback here :smile:


I ordered it last September/October time frame of 2017. It arrived about 2 weeks ago. So far has been a great book. However, there are some others out there that I started reading last year that have served me well too. There are three of them published by Packt but here is a link to one of them.


Got mine from Amazon.de on Saturday. Yay! :fireworks:


Got mine last week, really liking it so far. I’m relatively new to systems programming and I feel like Rust is gradually softening the learning curve. The book is good for beginners but can also serve a sort of structured reference for those who flip around and focus on different topics. Keep up the good work!


Hi Lawrence

I am new to systems programming too, just wondering what resources you’re using to get going with systems programmming, outside of the rust books and exercism


Hi Jonny,

Studying Go or another successor-to-C/C++ language like D, Nim, Crystal etc. can help understand primitive types, memory management and coroutines, plus the ability to play around with a somewhat more mature package ecosystems (Go’s package library is enough to keep one busy for a long time.)

I also think learning at least a little C/C++ to understand what influenced the creation of Rust is a worthy exercise. I love Rust because it distills wisdom gained from years of systems programming and manual memory management.


I purchased mine from Amazon USA on 18 January and received it in Australia on 22 January. The copyright page shows it’s the second release dated 2018-01-05.


Regarding the availability in Germany, I now feel quite happy by having bought the ebook’s draft version a loooong time ago :grinning:


I’ve considered the eDraft quite a few times as well, but in the end stuck to my dead-tree decision.

Something about sunk cosycost, or something :wink:


Got mine today (Sweden) and also second release for my part. Looking forward to read it :slight_smile:


Heads up: the ebook of Programming Rust is available as part of the Functional Programming Bundle by Humble Bundle at https://www.humblebundle.com/books/functional-programming-books. The ebook is DRM free and available in ePUB, pdf and MOBI formats.

You’ll need to pay at least $15 to unlock Programming Rust.

This is a time-limited bundle and expires 13 days from the time I post this.


Ooh, good catch!
That’s a pretty awesome bundle! Lots of clojure in there too. Thanks for the heads-up!