Porting Rust to IBM Power8 platform


I am interested in having Rust language available on IBM’s Power8/LE platform and I am willing to take necessary efforts to make it available there. I gave an initial compilation try on P8/LE platform just to see what sort of difficulties (and how many) are thrown while building it and they are substantial.

What would be the best approach to start porting Rust on P8/LE platform? (assuming I have access to hardware).

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It’s certainly not well documented. The most recent successful effort I know of is Installing rustc on PowerPC architecture . Maybe hit up @Mokosha ?

Sure! Thanks for the link pointer! That certainly looks interesting and on
the same lines what I am trying to do.

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Hello have you been able to port it....

It's already a tier-2 target, powerpc64le-unknown-linux-gnu.

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