Is Rust available on AIX?

Do you know if Rust is available on AIX?
If not, do you know if LLVM is available on AIX? And, if yes, which work would be required to port Rust to AIX?
Thx is the list of supported platforms, I don’t see AIX on there.

The first thing to do would be to figure out if LLVM supports it. If not, you start there. If it does, then you’d work on adding support to rustc.


Thanks. I’m trying now to understand if the few changes for AIX in the LLVM source code is complete for enabling LLVM to run on AIX. I’m not sure since there are only 50 places where AIX/aix strings do appear. I’ve asked the question to the LLVM mailing list. Waiting for an answer.

@trex58 Which mailing list did you ask on specifically?

I have sent an email to: .
However, since I created an account to LLVM mailing list just before, it may be awaiting for an authorization.

It’s now visible here:

Yes. I can see the answer. However, I still did not received any answer directly to my email box, so I cannot answer.
Anyway, looks like there is VERY few things done for AIX.
So, porting Rust to AIX would require a LOT of work, for LLVM first, then for Rust (rustc I’ve been said).
We will have a look again once our port of golang/cgo to AIX is finalized.

IBM has started pushing some patches: . As far as codegen is concerned, I understand this is just PowerPC so it shouldn’t be too much work?

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It might need an update to the C calling ABI, if that’s not the same as existing ppc targets.

Has anyone had any success with this?
From this post it sounds like AIX is fully embracing LLVM:

I think that LLVM "will" be available on AIX some months from now, not yet.
We (the ATOS BullFreeware OpenSource team) are waiting for LLVM to be available on AIX in order to start porting Rust to AIX. Any help or suggestions are (and will be) welcome.

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Thanks @trex581
I thought this was already in for XL C/C++ 16, maybe I misunderstood.
I'm not sure if I can help (wouldn't know where to even begin) but at the very least I'd be glad to hear about your progress.

By the way, I saw clang does target PowerPC AIX. Doesn't that mean there's LLVM support?

What did you see exactly? Do you have a link?


The support for PowerPC (especially PowerPC64) is considered stable on Linux and FreeBSD: it has been tested to correctly compile many large C and C++ codebases. PowerPC (32bit) is still missing certain features (e.g. PIC code on ELF platforms).

As for the new clang based front-end on AIX:

This talks about PowerPC, not AIX?

That's the archetecture I'm familiar with for AIX, but I see that it's not exclusive.
Still, there's the other part about the XL compiler now supporting LLVM.