Oxidizing Kraken - a retrospective on Kraken's usage of Rust for 2+ years


Kraken, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has been using Rust for almost three years. Our job offers have been featured many times in This Week In Rust (thanks!) and a lot of hires have learned of us looking for a Rust job, but we never communicated much about it (a mix of a culture of privacy, and of us being extremely busy!). I have seen many Rustaceans curious with our experience and how it is to work at Kraken (and some bad takes), wondering if we really do Rust, or just use this as a bait to find good devs (spoiler alert: my team is writing Rust 99% of the time).

Kraken Engineering has a fairly large count of full-time Rust developers (45-50+) in several teams and we are still hiring, and growing very fast. I have been leading and growing the largest of these (30+ devs) for almost two years, helping lay our technical foundations, using Rust in production at scale (millions of users). I thought that beyond what we're doing, it would be interesting to share my experience building a Rust team (when you're not a FAANG), and hopefully it will help send a signal to engineers out there that Rust is ready for prime time.

Finally, among other tools many of us have been using Rust Analyzer and have been amazed by the progress and direction of the project. I believe we need world-class tooling for Rust written in Rust (and in the "librarification" of rustc), and we are making a donation of 50k€ to the project. We're going to keep looking at how we can help the community and ecosystem, even if there are behemoths now supporting the foundation and the language, we want to help at our own scale.

Here's the blog post: Oxidizing Kraken | Kraken Blog (reddit discussion)