Rust jobs have not been easy to find online, so I created and r/findrustjobs

This week I created

A job board for us Rust engineers to find active jobs, or to post a new job. The other Rust job boards are no longer maintained, and Rust jobs are hard to come by, so I’ve created a centralized place to find them. There is also the option to subscribe to the newsletter, where the newest job openings will be shared once a week

In addition, I've created a new subreddit, r/findrustjobs

If you support the cause, feel free to subscribe, post jobs, or just leave me feedback


Some ideas to extend the site:

A section for internships. Is this relevant?
The ability to upvote jobs, or the ability to comment.

Open question, what kind of Rust jobs should be prioritized? Most of us are tired of seeing crypto/blockchain jobs, what categories would most interest you?


Good initiative.

Why not organize by country? Most people search for a job in specific countries.


Outside of the website itself, where are you planning to get job advertisments from? Will employers need to sign up to your website and explicitly post there, or are you planning to leverage existing sources?

I track new jobs from ~15 different sources and vet them, hand picking the highest quality and most recent offers
There has also been a steady stream of submissions directly to the site, which are vetted and hand-picked as well

Thanks, this site looks really good.

True! My top personal preferences would be:

  • web backend, database administration, devops
  • development of tooling, compiler infrastructure, domain-specific languages
  • information security and cryptography

This does look good! Is there any existing or potential future intention at curating, vetting job legitimacy as a real rust job? I've been looking a little myself, and one thing I've noticed is some cases of company recruiting putting "rust" in the JD almost more as a marketing plug, when the job in reality will be using another (older, more established, existing code base) language for the most part for daily work.

I had a conversation where I decided to make it clear I "might be pushing/advocating to use rust for new feature development" and I'm not entirely sure (yet) if that was well received. :stuck_out_tongue:

You're absolutely right, most companies seem to advertise Rust just to get our attention

Easy. I made my own job, using Rust exclusively. Client's love it when they hear about memory use correctness, type safety and hence generally a better chance at creating a robust, secure system. Both of which feature highly in their requirements.

Of course getting them to actually pay for anything is something we are still working on after a year...


That sounds really interesting. What kind of thing are you doing, if I may ask?

Hi @deeayeen
I have positions for 2 rust devs. can I post here?

If you follow the link from the initial post, there's a "Post job" button in the upper right.

I did post my ad there but it is not showing... does it need to be approved or something?

Hey @juso ,

Looks like you may have forgetton to press submit, there is no submission from you!

Let me know if you need help

Thank you @deeayeen. starting over...

Your listing has been submitted for review!

^ @deeayeen

Cool! Would be great if you could filter, group and sort postings by specific tags.

I agree. I am not interested in crypto/blockchain jobs. One simple thing that can help people easily identify the industry from the jobs page is to add the companies description to the job post tile. It would be a lot faster to have that information on the jobs page rather than having to open each job. You might want to truncate the description so it looks clean.

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Just a note to any Rust employers finding this: this website is actually a scheme to sell recruiting services.

How so?