Mdbook-i18n-helpers version 0.2.2 is released

I would like to announce a new release of mdbook-18n-helpers. The project gives you mdbook plugins which allows you to translate your documentation into other languages in a structured and maintainable way. You can use localization platforms as Transifex or Crowdin (and many others) to manage the translations.

The new version extracts the text in a more fine-grained way and removes most of the Markdown syntax from the translation files. As an example

> - First
> - Second

is now extracted as two messages "First" and "Second" and the block quote and list syntax is removed. Paragraphs are unwrapped as well, making the formatting of your Markdown files independent of the translation files.

Since backwards compatibility is critically important (Comprehensive Rust :crab: has 18 in-progress translations), a normalization tool is included which will convert an old PO file into the new more fine-grained format.

This has been ~half a way in the making and I hope the new format will make it much easier to work with translations. See the documentation for getting started and please give is a try and let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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