MDBook 0.1.0 - a markdown document generator

A couple days ago we released v0.1.0 of mdbook, a Rust tool for generating documents from markdown files on disk. Despite the low version number this is actually our 29th release, bringing with it a lot of new features and improvements. If you’ve ever read The Book or Rust By Example then you’ve actually experienced mdbook first hand!

Significant changes include:

Special thanks goes to @JaimeValdemoros, a first time contributor to mdbook who responded to a mentoring opportunity posted on Reddit! He helped clean up a lot of the code internally by formalising the concept of preprocessors and paved the way for future improvements, doing an awesome job in the process :grinning:

Three alternate backends already exist:

  • mdbook-linkcheck: a linkchecker for ensuring your book doesn’t contain any dead links
  • mdbook-epub: an EPUB renderer
  • mdbook-test: A tool for running your entire document through rust-skeptic to ensure all code snippets compile and run. This is similar to rustdoc, although it’s a lot more practical because you can import crates from simply by adding a line to your book.toml

Feel free to try out the new version of mdbook and let us know what you think.


This is awesome!

So far everything within the mdBook works great, but I’m having trouble getting it to play nicely with GitHub Pages and TravisCI:

  • GitHub Pages just builds the doc
  • TravisCI keeps trying to build the first version of the repo which has bugs and inevitably fails, but does not sync to the lastest master branch where the bugs were fixed

Not exactly a Rust specific question, but related to mdbook so I thought I’d ask if anyone else has gone through this or has any suggestions. Thanks! :slight_smile:

TRPL used to be published to github pages; see the code that was removed in this PR for how we did it. Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I didn’t actually have those lines in my file, but it gave me a clue where to look more closely, and after wrangling the .travis.yml file for a while… it worked! Thanks for helping to narrow down the search :slight_smile: