Looking for beginner-friendly Rust projects that won't make me go "Rust"!

Ahoy there! I'm a Rust-curious newbie who's been tinkering with the language for a couple of years now. I'm on the hunt for some open-source projects that are perfect for beginners like me. Ideally, I'd love to find some small-scale projects that delve into the realms of smart pointers and concurrency. But hey, even if they don't involve juggling threads, any entry-level project would do just fine.

My goal is to get cozy with Rust's grammar, standard library, and core concepts through these projects. If I could also dip my toes into the magical world of smart pointers and concurrency, that would be absolutely splendid, as those features really tickle my coding fancy.

So, if you happen to know of any projects that fit the bill, or if you've got some cheeky suggestions or clever guidance to share, please drop a line below. Your help would be enormously appreciated!

Here's to hoping I stumble upon some amusing projects that'll take my Rust skills to a whole new level! Cheers!

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You can have a look at Deadpool: a reusable pool of objects (e.g. database connections, server worker threads) for Rust.

Reasons for recommending it:

  • small codebase
  • production quality, not a toy
  • no unsafe
  • uses smart pointers (Box, Arc)
  • uses multi-threaded async concurrency (the most complex kind, but you'll need to learn it)
  • thoughtful API design

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