Offer Myself for free for a project with Rust!

Hi All!
My name is Giovanni, and i'm a self-employed system engineer , with a background in programming languages like :asm, c, c++, python. Now i'm start to learn Rust, and the best way to do that is the practice!!
If someone is interested, i offer some of my time for free for any kind of project rust related (programming).
Send me a PM if you are interested!

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The Rust compiler itself is written in Rust and there are many open issues some of which are marked as “easy”

Or any number of open source projects.

Maybe mention some of the sorts of things that you're interested in?

I am currently experimenting with porting borgbackup to rust. No idea how far I will get, but I will (and currently do!) learn quite a lot.

I am a rust beginner and I currently fight with the compiler (ownership, lifetime and borrowing...), while implementing the chunker. Maybe you could do some experiments as well. :slight_smile:

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I would say that the best project is (a) at the right easy level (b) really gets your interest.

Often the best first project is to re-implement something you have done in another language.

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You can also have a look at "This week in Rust":

There is a section called "Call for Participation" where you can contribute to the projects listed.

Alacritty is a cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator and it has many open issues and is still a young project.

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Many thanks to all for reply!
Tomorrow i'll take a look to the projects and i will choose one suitable for my skills.
My primary interest is Network Programming and concurrency, but right now i don't have enough skills for those areas.
Thanks again :slight_smile: