Looking for a Team to learn more about Rust

Hi everyone.
I have already programmed for six years(professionally) and learned a lot about web development and building web applications. I worked with PHP and Javascript as the primary language to develop applications, also I have experienced in Laravel and Reactjs frameworks.
Recently I quit my job and looking for something to make me a better programmer, and I love how Rust is designed and how I can use it to develop more robust applications.
I read the book twice and followed some YouTubers for more information, but now I think I need more to do. There is no open job in my country about Rust, and I came here to look for a team to learn more about Rust.
I could work about 8 hours per day every day (including holidays). I don't want any salary, and I could work 100% free.
If you work on an open-source project or you have an idea about the next big thing that you may want to build, I'll be glad to be a teammate for you.
Please don't hesitate to message me about whatever you think I could help you develop something with Rust.
Email: alishabani9270@gmail.com

I really wish there was a good tutorial on a rigorously engineered Rust version of NFTs. Example: CryptoKitties - Wikipedia


Do you have any preferred types of programs you'd like to work on? Web applications, or switch to native applications/cli tools, games, embedded software, or some other domain?

Also which country are you located in? If you're interested in Rust jobs or internships, maybe some remote work would be possible?


Hi Kornel,
I prefer Web apps or games, I'm not interested in embedded software, but currently, I don't care. I want to work as it possible.
Unfortunately, I live in Iran, and it's almost impossible for us to get a job from outside cause we're under sanctions, and it's hard for companies to work with us.
My primary focus these days is just gaining some experience and working with a team, including some experienced programmers who needs someone to be in their side for doing small jobs and learning something from them.
I accept any opportunity if there is one.
I'm fully confident about my skill in the front-end, and I have a lot of experience in developing web applications, but what is I want is to be a guy who knows what he is doing.
I read a lot of books and follow almost all blogs and tutorials. But I know I need to do to understand how things work on a computer. I need to learn more thoughts and patterns.

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Can you explain more? And how can we collaborate?
I don't know much about blockchain. But I know how crypto games work and what is NFT.

I do not have a team. I also do not have an active project in this area. It is only an idea, an something I wish to learn more about.

The intuition behind the idea is as follows:

  1. I previously looked at deploying a contract on Eth, but found the tooling very difficult to use. Lots of JS. Lots of moving parts -- it seemed very difficult to build a obviously-correct contract.

  2. With Rust->wasm32, this seems like a different story. Wasm32 is exceptionally well defined; Rust is exceptionally safe; maybe we will finally be able to write contracts that handles hundreds of millions of $ / day, and have it not suddenly get hacked. I don't know.

  3. A first step towards this would be replicating something simple and well known, like cryptokitties.

Sorry, that's about all I have -- ideas & intuition, no actual code yet.

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Apologies if I sound like a broken record to regulars on this forum, but I recommend you subscribe to This Week In Rust. There is a section featuring requests for contributions, some are even flagged as easy or have e-mentors available, so there is no better way to get plugged into the open source community from my view!


If you have any progress on this, let me know, I'll be happy if I can help. But I think you need to work on your idea a bit more.
Don't hesitate to contact me if you're serious about what you want to do.

This thread reminded me of an old topic:

Thank you, but the programming community in IRAN is not as active as many other places. The last message of the group is from 10 days ago.

The community is Oregon (US) is pretty small, too. I've never seen a meet-up in Portland.

Fortunately, I do not think it matters where you are from if you want to contribute to the broader Rust ecosystem. I would recommend finding a crate you like that is seeking contributions in TWIR, and pick a target where you think can help.

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Sorry, I mis read your question, I thought you were also open to idea stage projects.

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