London Rust Meetup January 2018

When: January 29th @ 6:30PM
Where: Skills Matter | CodeNode
What: A Rust meetup in the capital!
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  • @booyaa - Learn Rust in 12 months

Still looking for speakers (remote is welcome), please comment on the related GitHub issue if interested.

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I didn't end up doing the Web Assembly talk in the end. I had the bones, but I didn't want to deliver a half baked talk. I'm fairly pleased with the start of my series of talks that will go from no knowledge of Rust (January) and by end you'll know how to write an Operating System (December).

Here's a secret I'd like to share with everyone... I've never written an Operating System! So it's going to be a voyage of discover for all of us!

In the context of the Rust community, I guess that the choice between the omnipresent x86 architecture and the super-flexible ARM boards will be harder than ever :slight_smile:

One of the attendees, suggested RISC-V for variety! I had a look, and someone has built a rust target for it! Might be a bit much for beginners (certainly beyond me at the moment).

I'm also seriously considering using intermezzOS, because I think the world doesn't need another toy OS and I should be helping more established projects.