London Rust: No 15


When: August 16th @ 6:30PM
Where: Skills Matter | CodeNode
What: The fifteenth gathering of London based Rustaceans
We’re very excited to have @aidanhs as our guest speaker who will be regaling us with his talk: Rewrite it in Rust? Some experiences in journeys from C and C++

I will be show casing the Rust Language Server on Visual Studio Code!

What's everyone working on this week (32/2017)?

Just a quick update.

The meeting was a massive success, I reckon on a 60% attendance rate (out of 73 RSVP) which the largest amount of people we’ve had since the core team came to London!

Here’s the videos:

Christian (my fellow meetup organiser) also announced our 2nd Study / Hack on Rust meetup on the 31st of August.

Here’s some photos from the meetup:

Come join us! We’d love to work on Rust with you!