London Rust: Learning and Hacking evening No 2


When: August 31st @ 6:30PM
Where: Skills Matter | CodeNode
What: Let’s hack on some Rust together! If you don’t have a project, come along, you might find that someone is working on something that interests you. Failing that there’s always and Carols10cents’ rustlings. Some of us are newbies working their way through the Rust book or other learning materials.
Who: @booyaa and @pflanze will be your hosts for the evening

This is going to be a very special event because we’re going to be joined virtually by our friends at the Rome and Cambridge meetup groups!

There’s a list of projects on our website, if you already know what project you’re going to work on send an email (details on the linked page) to get it onto the list.



We could also do with more on-site mentors, if you’re in London (at the time of the meetup) and/or are a member of our meetup group please RSVP.


Yes, we could especially benefit from a mentor to help with more advanced questions. Test your knowledge by explaining issues to others! See our projects and mentors page. Just give us a note when you arrive, we will then introduce you.


My event report

We did it! We got three Rust user groups to coalesce into one big meetup!

Each group had a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their projects. After that we broke off into our own groups, we kept the hangout going so it was nice to see the other groups rusticating.

In London, we split off into two groups: Hacking and Studying. The hackers worked on their Rust projects, I hung out with this group. The students I think used exercism.

I was meant to work on my first RLS issue, but ended up working on an on-boarding guide (still very much an WIP) for developers.

The items of note were a new window manager written in Rust called lanta and helping someone improve their Rust experience in emacs by pointing them to emacs-racer.

I think for the next mega meetup, I’d like to have people volunteer to share their screen at regular intervals so people could watch the magic that is writing Rust code! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of thanks and praise should be given to @pflanze, @therealjpster, Claudio and Enrico for their effort to organise their groups and then get the google hangout working. I really hope this happens again!


In Cambridge everyone certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. Too busy eating pizza and hacking to come up and chat on the camera, but the conversations and general chat suggested that everyone was getting involved and hopefully getting something out of the evening.

Would love to do it again, but we need to organise a (slightly) more formal group structure here, to share some of the workload. We also need to have a conversation about regularising access to the venue rather than doing it on an ad-hoc basis. I’ll keep you posted.