Korean version of "The Rust Programming Language" book


I have just finished a preliminary version of it ( not completed yet, but it could be valuable ).
I’d like to upload it somewhere and make a link to it from somewhere in the Rust website.
Please advise me for the process.


Wow, that’s awesome! I bet @steveklabnik would be thrilled to help guide you. :slight_smile:


I wrote a PR today to add links to community translations to the main doc page. If you (or anyone else) has translations, let me know and we’ll add more links :slight_smile:


Have fun!.

I have just uploaded the initial translated version to


I started audit process for the Korean version. while I have been doing that, I realized the 5.13 Enums section in original version is not properly managed. it is totally revamped, but the section is not completed and mixed with previous version.