Keys no longer repeat in this forum

Holding down a key, including backspace, in a text input box no longer repeats in this forum. Is this some kind of "accessibility" feature, or what?


works for me.

Edit: Windows 10, Firefox 124.0.1, if that's useful.

Hmm... In Safari on my MacBook Pro

Backspace repeats.
Space repeats.
Alpha-num do not repeat.
But chars like "a" will pop up a selection of options like "ä" so I can select different types of "a" for different languages.

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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Firefox 124.0, auto-installed by "snap" daemon.

No repeats in this input box. Repeats work fine on Reddit and Hacker News input boxes.

Keys repeat for me, but extremely stutteringly and slowly. Like, "just tap the key instead for an order of magnitude speedup" slowly. Also Firefox 124.0.* on linux.

(Firefox also goes ballistic[1] occasionally on this site, GitHub, and a few others after any Firefox update for a week+ due to Firefox being Firefox, I assume, so I didn't think to report it myself.)

  1. laptop fans go crazy and everything goes unresponsive for a bit; sometimes some tabs get killed as part of recovery ↩︎

Hm. This sounds like some broken "accessibility" feature. This site uses the Ember framework, but nobody seems to have seen this elsewhere.


i have hit something like this in past months in chrome and ms windows on some pages (dont remember where unfortunately). definitely accessibility related, for my case it was ms-win "sticky keys" or something like that being enabled by some crazy new keyboard shortcut i think... :frowning:
am not helping much, just sharing the grief... :face_with_peeking_eye:

That definitely seems related. Someone reported it in a pre-release Firefox, and then Firefox 124 came out and people started reporting it in the stable version. I posted over there. It seems like you have to have Firefox and Linux/MacOS and certain Javascript to hit this.

More people reporting this as a Firefox bug. Apparently it slipped through Firefox QA, made it into the release version, and affects Microsoft Outlook. That has some people very upset.

So, not directly related to this Rust forum.