Visual Studio Code on MacBook Pro 2020 [ger] (de-DE)

I use Visual Studio Code on a MacBook Pro M1 (from 2020) with German Keyboard.
Sometimes i write a "[" the debugger choice popup looks up. Maybe there is an issue with the hotkey setting, but I can't find something.

With some other special characters there is some other unusually behavior too. it happens only sometimes and I am not sure, what's wrong here,

Is here someone else with same issues, and maybe a hint how to present?

Sounds like you have the German keyboard layout selected rather than e.g. Int'l English.
MacOS has settings to switch the layout, have a look at the localization and internationalization settings.

Diacritics are equal parts useful when writing natural language, and a royal PITA when programming, so I recommend to keep both layouts so you can switch between them; IIRC MacOS displays an icon when you have multiple layouts active, and you can easily switch by interacting with that icon.

You might want to review VS Code's keyboard shortcut table for any keyboard shortcuts that are using the Alt/Option key, and redefine them.

By convention on macOS, Option is used for typing additional characters, not for shortcuts (when not combined with Command), but VS Code's defaults don't fully respect that (one of the disadvantages of "one codebase on many platforms" apps), so there might be a default binding of Option-5 that's invoking the debugger. If you removed or rebound them, that would allow you to continue using your German layout without interference.

Thanks for advice, I already change the input settings and got a std German input mode.

now I realized, maybe it is sometimes my fingers wipe over the Touch Bar above number keys -.-

I'll try the std us input mode later. but do I have my German characters ä ü ö with this configuration as well?

Oh! Yes, that happens to me too. I'm not a fan of Apple's decision to put a zero-physical-pressure input device right next to the one that you operate by feel…

Yes; those are typed as [Option+u a], [Option+u u], [Option+u o], and "ß" is [Option+s] in the US layout. If you turn on the option “Show Input menu in menu bar”, you can then find in said menu the option “Show Keyboard Viewer”, which will get you an onscreen keyboard that shows you what all the keys do in the currently selected keyboard layout.

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