Debug does not start / breaks with: Process exited with code -1

Hi! My first question here. I use
macOS x86 (Mac Air 2018), VSCode, CodeLLDB rust-analyser
I can set breakpoints, but it does not stop.
The status line shortly flashes the color to Debug and back.
(Some times after a new Build, one first breakpoint works fine, but no continuing)

Console is in 'commands' mode, prefix expressions with '?'.
Launching: /Users/karlos/Public/dbgt/target/debug/degt
Launched process 1068
Process exited with code -1.

It's a simple println! example code and runs fine without debug; no prints in debug.

Thank you for your replay.
I should have added that information:
I did see this stackoverflow-solution and it did not work, first try.
Now I did it again, may be not the same order. And I deleted the whole content of
Finally it works now!

There are some "funny" behaviours of breakpoint setting and variables, but that's another topic.

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