Two bugs that keep bugging me

Two bugs that keep bugging me in this forum:

  • When I cite other people, there will be spaces inserted after monospaced or italic parts. It really irritates me. Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Apparently the link counting doesn't work. When I use the middle mouse button to open in a new tab (which I always do), then my clicks aren't counted. Is this just my browser/setup, or does it affect other people too? (Of course clicking on my own links doesn't increase the counter, but I mean when I click on other people's links.)

(Hope it's okay I post about these issues here, or should it go to some bugtracker?)

I think it's how browsers work, probably no way to get around it ( and not just your setup ). Interestingly there was recently a bug where links in the documentation stopped working, except if you opened in a new tab. My understanding is when you click directly, javascript is invoked, and can do all kinds of clever stuff (including not working at all!!), but when you use open in new tab, the browser does everything so no chance for any clever stuff to happen. I might be wrong.

TIL you can middle-click to open something in a new tab


I just did a search, and there exists something called the auxclick event. It might be reasonable to count an "auxclick" as a click on a link as well. However, not sure if that's the best method, as there are other ways top open a link (e.g. keyboard). But in any case, I think it would be better if a right or middle click on a link would also increase the counter (once).

The classic underdocumented browser features.. in line with things like pressing F6 to focus on the address bar, or how you can use Ctrl+PageUp/PageDown to switch between tabs (and in some browsers/OSs Ctrl+Shift+PageUp/PageDown to rearrange the tabs).



Wow, I actually didn't know any of those either haha

Also Ctrl+Tab to switch tabs, Ctrl+L to focus the address bar on Linux or Cmd+L to focus the address bar on Mac*.

And the many keyboard commands available in text editing widgets (try them out on This Forum!), such as using Ctrl+Left/Right on Linux and Option+Left/Right on Mac to move the cursor over whole words instead of just individual characters, or holding down the Shift key to make a selection instead of just moving the cursor.

* and iPadOS with the external keyboard


Ah yeah I did know Ctrl+Tab and the keyboard commands. Can also use Ctrl+Backspace to delete a word!

Anyway, as much fun as this is, let’s actually respond to @jbe’s bug report:

Since this forum runs Discourse, the bug is upstream of us, and should be reported to them. Unfortunately, it’s already been reported to them, and they haven’t fixed it:

CC @sam @codinghorror


As I didn't know / don't know which version of Discourse is used here (including configuration, add-ons(?), etc.), I thought it was best to bring it up here, unless there is any meta-page to display the Discourse version? I thought/think the moderators would know best what to do.

Dang. What about the other issue regarding the insertion of spaces? Maybe it's a residue of fixing this issue?

Ctrl+{T|N} > Ctrl+L > Ctrl+A > > Ctrl+W is how I usually browse around the web.

The only way I know of is to run document.querySelector("meta[name='generator']").getAttribute("content") from your browser's Developer Tools Console. Apparently, this forum are running 10caceec42f529c8797e6e5010ec2e319cb272c0, a version of Discourse that is two days old.

Usually, these forums should be running a very new version. URLO and IRLO are on the official CDCK Discourse hosting service, which tracks closely to their tests-passed branch.


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