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MaidSafe The home of The Decentralized Internet is hiring RUST developers.

Full time permanent roles available - Click here to find out more

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I’ll add my posting here, I’m also hiring Rust programmers for a cryptocurrency.

We’re going for a more traditional cryptocurrency rather than decentralized storage. However, we have determined a method for mining this cryptocurrency amongst people equally, some set-up required but it doesn’t require any monetary initial investments out of our users. They can just plug in and earn and we even have some extra security features that prevent theft and Mt. Gox style attacks.

Go with Maidsafe if you are looking for salary, we aren’t quite there yet, but we can give you equity that should be worth a whole lot more than what MaidSafe can hope to offer one day.

@jacksoncscot: We may want to talk about partnership at some point… I’ve looked into decentralized storage and as I understand it, MaidSafe still has some Sybil prevention issues. We’ve figured out how to do some pretty fancy Sybil prevention that I’m sure you’d find interesting, like I said no initial investment required. Not POW, POS, or POC. A true Proof of Person - POP.



I know this topic is one year old, so to celebrate this date I’d like to add my job to the list :slight_smile:

We’re developing a cryptocurrency as well, it’s Ethereum Classic, and we’re looking for a Rust developer to join us for a full time job. You’ll be working on unique and challenging tasks, as we’re trying to build a new generation of blockchain with support of full featured Smart Contracts. This is a remote job, which means you can work from anywhere on your own schedule, and we are looking for a self motivated person who is experienced in working in distributed teams.

Please drop me a note at or with your CV and a link to your Github.

Thanks, Igor


A small Company in SF is looking for a strong Rust dev with deep systems development experience. I know the two cofounders, and they’ve built a strong team around them already. I’ve been talking with them for a while about moving to Rust, and they are now fully committed to doing so, here’s the blurb the CEO sent to me:

We’re looking for an experienced Rust engineer with significant systems programming experience to join us fulltime as we kick off a major investment in Rust. We are a small, well-funded, eng-focused startup that builds open source infrastructure tools with fast-growing adoption. We have significant experience in distributed systems and functional programming, but we are Rust beginners. You’ll work directly with our CTO and small (~5 person) eng team on a mission-critical project. Ability to give and receive constructive feedback and function as part of a team of low-ego, collaborative, results-focused senior engineers is critical. Help us build a company we can be proud of. SF local strongly preferred. Principals only.

I would join myself if I wasn’t already committed to something else. It’s a really exciting project. The offices are in a great part of San Francisco’s SOMA district.

If anyone is interested, please contact me directly and I’ll connect you. (btw, I have no financial interest in this, I just want to see Rust expand in as many places as possible). benjaminfry @


cc @nasa42


I’m with a small company in sunny southern California looking for a team member with strong Rust skills. From the posting:

Systems programming is synonymous with coding in C/C++ at present. Immunant is exploring a new way to transition C code to newer systems programming languages such as Rust, Go, Nim, etc. We are looking for an additional team member & programming languages aficionado who loves to hack on compilers, language runtimes, and who believes that when machines finally become sentient, they will seek to eliminate their dependencies on libc before anything else.

If you are interested in a full-time, on-site position, continue to:


Binance is hiring Rust Developers in Toyko!

Company: Binance

Type: Full-time

Description: We are looking for highly skilled Senior Developers (5+ years development experience as a minimum in any combination of Rust/Java/C++) to work on our backend for our world class trading platform.
We are continuing the development of our platform using Rust and C++, with legacy systems in Java.

We are continuing to build up our next generation crypto-currency exchange and are looking for eager, hard-working problem solvers that can continue to evolve our 24-7, highly scale-able, exchange system as new features and performance improvements are constantly being added.

Location: Tokyo, Japan. Relocation support provided

Remote: No

Visa Sponsorship: Yes (Degree or 10 years minimum exp)

Technologies: C++ (11,14,17) and/or Rust

Apply directly


Email Cayden at []