Developing a 'Cryptocurrency' in Rust, looking for another Rust Developer



Not sure how many of you are interested in cryptocurrency but I have come up with a cryptocurrency that fixes many of the issues that current cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have.

I’ve been working on the algorithms behind this coin for 2+ years now with a little help from others. Problems fixed:

  • Anyone who wants to can mine with equal mining power no fancy equipment or Proof of Stake required
  • Instant transaction verification
  • Reputation system made easy - practically impossible in Bitcoin system but provides great power
  • This algorithm fixes the Nothing at Stake problem
  • Chargebacks, which prevents thefts, as what happened with Mt.Gox.
  • Even allows for a separate stock for investors and a stable currency, the usage of which is linked to the stock value
  • Fully decentralized, unlike a dPOS system where only a hundred people are mining, anyone can easily mine for the system.
  • and more! Most of which is being kept confidential for now.

I chose Rust because I want this cryptocurrency to be as secure and unlike to crash as possible and logic errors are still possible but Rust seems like the best tool to accomplish this. I have begun working on this already but it’s still very early stages.

I’m new to Rust but I have over 12 years of programming experience, as well as some business experience. I also have another developer involved handling the web development portion. It would be really nice to have a Rust developer with more experience in Rust than me on board.

So, anyone want to join me? We can discuss the details in private.


I’m interested in learning more about it. Perhaps I can try to help somehow. Do you have any way of being communicated privately?


I would be interested. Those “fixes” that you mention have created more questions in my mind, such as how are you planning to confirm a transaction if a chargeback can be applied? what if somebody buys a product and the product is sent, but the money is charged back? will there be some type of public accounting? if not, anonimization could couse big problems like that.

I’m sure you have thought about all that and I would be interested in talking privately.


I’ve been talking to QuantumLogic a little bit and he’s joined the team, but mostly just for web development and JavaScript stuff. Another Rust core programmer is definitely still needed… and the more the better.

I have thought through this stuff, and you are correct, there is going to be some publicly available information involved that is linked to the spenders account, spenders can only have one account. Just about to be in the middle of something, but will send you a message in a few hours or so and we can discuss this this. Cryptocurrency and seemingly some Rust experience… definitely interested in talking further with you.


Are you still working on this? Curious to know how it all turned out.


Hey let me know if still need a dev. Happy to help


Hey guys, funny timing, we’re launching our Beta in a week or two. And ICOing as soon as we can afterward. It’s a centralized beta for now… However, I’ve got a couple people interested in helping build the blockchain and could definitely use the help there. I have it pretty throughly planned out.

Please see for more info. We’ll be pushing some changes to it within the next day or two.

Send me a message telling me a little bit about your background and interest if you’d like to help . I am definitely looking for developers as well as a social media manager and can pay some equity or Global Credits after we launch.


Awesome news Matt! Great to see the project is still strongly going on! :slight_smile: Keep us posted!