Simple, Secure, Evenly Distributed Digital Currency - Rust Developer(s) Needed


I’ve been working on creating a new digital currency that is written in Rust for the last year.

Features are:
Accurate Digital IDs for all users
All users start with the same amount of digital currency in their wallet, which is a great way to get people to sign up. After analyzing the market I estimate this initial amount should be worth between $20 and $300 in USD.
User vouch for each other to build these IDs that allow us to identify individuals along with complying with some KYC regulations too. Using this vouching system should allow us to later decentralize this system.
Some theft protection features should make us much harder to hack than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
High performance and good user experience

Our programmer just left, so I’m looking for another one (or a couple). Needs to be able to program in Rust. We can pay in terms of equity in the company.

Designed to go viral, needs a few months of work are left.