Hiring programmer to help me solve the worst of world poverty (I'm paying!)


So I’ve been working on a project for a few years now, and have a site that is almost up and running. I’m creating a new digital currency where everyone can create a new ID, we even have a method for IDing people who don’t have government IDs.

Then anyone who fully verifies their account will be rewarded with the same amount of currency as everyone else. This should be valuable worldwide but especially helpful to those in underdeveloped countries who get a significant amount of free money for signing up.

I have a well developed, well thought through business plan planned that it just so happens should also make us a ton of money. North American or European programmers preferred.

My programmer was forced to leave but I have an almost complete Rust server hosting a bootstrap page in place. I’ve been doing most of the bootstrap side, I can program in Rust but help would be greatly appreciated.

Only have a couple months of work left before we release the MVP.

Can pay either money or equity or some combination of the two.



I was working on this with @mczarnek for some time and it was a great experience. The project definitely has potential, and most of the work for the prototype has already been done. So, if you is interested in using Rust in production and working on a cool currency, you should contact him!


I’d love helping, not necessarily for the money or equity. Unfortunately I have only few nights available. Do you plan on making this open source at some point ?


Thanks tafia! That would be great.

Some parts are open source at the moment, though mostly closed source. I would eventually like to open source a lot of it. At the moment, it’s mostly a website being served by a Rust server and I would like the website to remain closed source.

But I’d happily give you access to the repository.

Will message you and we can discuss this further.


Is it a crypto currency or is it “just” a website (i.e. centralized accounting)?


Initially a website, but a true decentralized digital currency is the goal in the long run. In fact the most decentralized currency out there, every person with an ID mines as an equal.

The problem has to do with how we make our decentralized IDs. It involves people vouching for each other. But requires about an average of 10 to 20 people vouching for each other, which is a lot to ask of people. If we start out centralized then it’s faster to get it started, we can only use centralized government IDs plus the vouching system that only requires finding 5 people to vouch for you, then we achieve higher accuracy by starting with more trusted seed accounts, and it’s easier to get started.

However, we will very early on release these webs of people vouching for each other as proof they own accounts as well as a “centralized blockchain” and people signing off on transactions. We will then move to mobile signing of their accounts so that they can hold onto their own private keys.

Then we decentralize and have it so that you start out centralized but can migrate your money to the decentralized blockchain once you’ve had enough people vouch for you. (Probably 20?) Eventually you will be able to create an account only by getting that many people to vouch for you and skip over the centralized version if wanted.

Oh and once decentralized? Faster transaction processing, lower energy, smaller blockchains and No Nothing at Stake issue. I’ve got all the algorithms figured out.

Then we add in ZeroCash style private transactions.

That’s the plan at the moment. We’ll see what the market deems most valuable. I am hoping to make money off of this so I can get a large company and pay programmers to continue to improve this for a long time to come. Lots of other interesting directions this could go that I have in mind.


Think I’m probably going to pay ConnyOnny for some work and tafia may help a little bit… however if anyone wants to work for equity… I’m still open to finding more people, so let me know!