I've developing my own Rust IDE for Rust and Embedded Rust Development

Hello everyone, this is my first post to the forum. My name is Armstrong Subero, I am a computer engineer and author and I have been using Rust for just about 5 years.

As I have tried to convince people more and more to use Rust, the problem I have is that there isn't really a dedicated IDE for rust. The choices are usually to pay Jetbrains and use Clion or use VSCode which is slowly becoming slower and slower and turning into an "extension" based version of visual studio.

Other than that, the options are installing plugins for code editors. Its "extensions, extensions, extensions" nightmare. Yes there are packages that make it easy, but having to write and install extensions for everything sometimes kill your workflow.

To make it worse I use the GNU toolchain on windows as I am not a big fan of MSVC. Most of my tools are on windows, but from time to time I use MacOS and Linux and I rather have tested everything with GNU toolchain. Maybe my experince is different, but a lot of things do not work easily with Rust and GNU on windows.

Doing mainly embedded systems development for C there are tools like "Keil" and "IAR Workbench" also the "MikroC compilers and "Jumpstart C/C++" not counting the vendor tools like STM32Cube IDE, MPLAB X etc etc.

As such I wanted a dedicated IDE for doing Rust and Embedded rust development. So I have been building my own. I am not from US or Europe or Asia so getting crowdfunding on Kickstarter or Indegogo is not possible for me at this time, so I may have to setup a website offer my IDE. I plan to offer a community edition of the IDE as well as an ultimate version with more features tailored for embedded development.

The IDE has a lot of features implemented already and I have reached Alpha2 preview. There is supposed to be 3 more previews before reach Beta release.

It is a lot of work as I am building from scratch, and implementing it to perform fast. The IDE is called Rust System Studio and though it makes rust a first class citizen, it supports syntax highlighting for close to 100 languages and smart completion for Rust, C, C++ and Python. I plan also add support for Go and Fort next.

If you want to see some of the features of my IDE I have done a YouTube video showing the features, you can also see Alpha1 preview features as well on my channel.


Do you have a link to the IDE's repo or website so I can find out more? I tried searching "Rust System Studio" in Google but nothing relevant appears on the front page, and the YouTube video's description doesn't seem to have any links.

It's an early relase preview..I'm currently setting up the website...

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