Hi Guys ! Any success stories for Rust Yet? And what's the most used Dev Tool?

Hi People, I am really glad that Rust hit 1.0 Stable state, I think I am gonna give it a shot.
Can you share any news about companies or individuals planning to use it ?
Besides, I wanted to take the pulse of the community regarding which development tools are used for it...
I for one like emacs. Is that what you guys generally used for it?
Thank you for sharing !


Dropbox, opendns, Skylight, MaidSafe, Ironworks (both spoke at the release party), and some other companies too. This list is very incomplete. I know of some startups locally intending to use it as well.

Of course, Servo continues to use it.

Eh, there are plugins for most editors. I use Sublime or Vim and both work fine with the racer autocomplete plugin. I don't think there's any "preferred" editor for the community.


Thank you !
racer works with company on emacs, so I am a happy man :smile:

http://MaidSafe.net was mentioned, but here are two threads from the SAFENetwork community that explain the power of Rust and why it was decided to recode the project in Rust (from C++) and the amazing results achieved in a few weeks.

Initial evaluation and discussion: https://forum.safenetwork.io/t/rust-vs-c/3216/20?u=happybeing

Refactoring reduced code by 80%
Switching from C++ to Rust reduced this another 90% https://forum.safenetwork.io/t/quick-question-on-rust/3650?u=happybeing

The switch to Rust took about 3 months in total for this whole project.

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Actually, I do not how to reach to such success stories, but I think for new comers it would be very nice if there can be shown such examples (Ofc the presented code to be much smaller part of 7k), where you can see such kind of migration with some form of 'guide' or blog post about it. This will achieve a few things:

  • Show how to migrate X(e.g. C/C++) code to Rust
  • Show some good examples of larger well written Rust code
  • Demonstrate the benefits of using Rust vs X
    I'm relatively new to Rust and really like it, but no idea if my code is good or bad and so on. Such examples could make really a big difference for me to have a more precise idea of how to do things better than other languages.