A Rust-Lang IDE like the Dev-C++

I need a Rust-Lang IDE for Linux that is similar to Dev-C++. Something simple, light and useful. Does such an IDE exist?

Thank you.

I'm not aware of a Rust-specific IDE that does exactly what you want.

Most Rust devs I know use one or more of:

  1. the terminal (e.g. Vim, Emacs)
  2. a graphical code editor with plugins, like VS Code or Sublime
  3. one of the heavier, proprietary IDEs like CLion from JetBrains

Of the three, VS Code with the rust-analyzer plugin provides the closest experience to Dev-C++ that I know of.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
I guess, Geany is better than of the Vim or Emacs.

VS Code may not be so light but in runs fine for me on a ten year old PC and ARM based SBC's as well as my Mac Book M1. Using VS Code for Rust with rust analyser is simple enough. I love that VS Code works on Windows, Mac and Linux so I can use it almost anywhere.

We stopped using Sublime after quite a few years as they seem to have forgotten we bough the licence!

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Emacs can be terminal, but by default it starts in GUI mode, like this https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/images/teaser.png


Better example maybe Python's IDLE rather than Dev-C++

I am trying to write one and will publish it sāˆžn.

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Hello all,
I installed Pulsar, then installed "language-rust" package. How can I compile my Rust-Lang code and run it? What are the shortcuts?

Thank you.

I am writing one! MikroC and Dev-C++ were my inspiration! Its curently windows only but I want to make it cross platform. Take a look at it. It is currently in Alpha2 Preview

If you like KDE apps, there's the KDevelop IDE + rust-analyzer combo.
Yet, i usually prefer to use Kate editor with its plugins + rust-analyzer for it's simpler to use.
As of now, i think Geany is still more functional than Kate thanks to its builtin Rust syntax highlighting and code parsing capabilities. Actually, i might switch back to Geany again soon.

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