Interest in a Johannesburg meetup


I am curious why the Rust developers in Africa are so quiet, according to this meetup page. One would say there is nothing happening in the entire continent, and that makes me feel a little sad.

Given that, Is there enough interest for a meetup? I personally know of just 2 Rust developers here in Johannesburg, and both would be interested.


Excellent idea. We have currently a very blank continent!



Same for Cape Town! :slight_smile:


Ok, we got a meetup coming up in 7 days


I’ve talked about Rust in our monthly meet ups here in Arusha, Tanzania. It wasn’t a formal Rust Meetup.

I know like at least 3 Rust developers in Tanzania and Kenya. It’d be nice to have one in East Africa too.


As an update, we’ve been having a meetup first Tuesday of every month since. It’s a tiny group, just the 3 of us (@stephanbuys and @stevedonovan), though 2 others have joined so far, one a newbie Rust developer who happened to relocate, and the other a Rust outsider who came just once.

We are having another in a few days (2017-12-05), hopefully with new faces. There is no agenda yet, though we never run out of stuff to talk about.