Announce: Rust Brisbane Meetup

Hi everyone!

We now have a Rust Meetup for Brisbane, AU.

Even if you aren't in the Brisbane area, or even Australia itself it'd be awesome if you could check it out and help us advance the Rust community!

Our first meetup will be the canonical meet-and-greet, so feedback from you guys (@skade / @steveklabnik / @erickt ) on how to keep connected with the global Rust meetup community would be really helpful.


Basically: send notes to the rust-community team on every occasion that you have something of global interest (a noteworthy talk, project, etc.). We try to keep that a little free-form.

Get access to the calendar so that you can enter the dates there. They are put into TWIR.

Let us know if you need support with anything (outreach, speakers, etc.)

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