How to introduce rust to people in my local community if i do not have the funds to organize a local meetup

Hello awesome people of this forum,
So, i've been using rust for a bit of time and i would really love to introduce rust to local devs who do not know of it(or who just ignore it).


Ok, the problem i have is that i live in a tiny country with a limited connection speed which makes me unable to organize an online meeting because many people would not afford the cost of the needed connection to attend the meeting.
The other problem i faced is my very limited resources to organize an onsite meetup

btw there are so few covid cases that our government allows public gatherings

Other problem

You might be wondering: why not simply organize this event at your school or something like that?
But as you all know, rust is not really what we would call an 'easy' programming language and the market share is not that big yet, so it does not attract a lot of people, and nobody would really come if there was not some kind of prize. Then my idea was to create a hackathon and in the meantime while we are testing submissions, make a quick and good intro to rust and why or when they should use it

tl; dr

Then what are some propositions that you could give me so that i could organize this rust meetup+hackathon, i'm currently short on ideas, if possible also please pitch some suggestions on the topics to cover while introducing rust

Are there any existing programming-language meetups in your area? A meetup with similar topic (C/C++, functional programming, embedded, WASM) may be happy to accept a presentation that is an introduction to Rust.

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The closest thing to this is a meetup for CS and another for python, that's why i need help on how to approach these kind of people

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