GUI multi platform

Hi Rustaceans, :grinning:

I'd like to create a GUI for a application.

What do you advise me?

I will use it on Debian distros.

Thanks in advance for your help :grinning: :zipper_mouth_face:

I like iced for doing UI stuff. It's platform agnostic and can even be compiled to WASM if that's something that interests you. Iced is based on the Elm Architecture which is very similar to MVC. Extra components are provided through iced_aw.

If you want an immediate mode UI library, consider egui. It's not as heavily customisable as Iced, but if you need a simple UI quickly, it's a fairly good choice.


Thank you so much!!!

I learned Iced!!!

Have a nice day



Qt is very good option!!! Thanks @mhanusek

Check out

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Rust interface to Tk GUI library for those familiar with Tcl/Tk or Python/tkinter.

The Tk library is available on Debian. Packages are tk, tcl, tk-dev, tcl-dev, libclang and libclang-dev.

Here is the tutorial.

Thanks @daaitich:
azul, cacao, conrod-core, cord-fundation(mac),CXX Qt, Dioxus, Dominator, Druid, egui, fltk, GTK, GTK4, Iced, imgui, iui, vgtk, etc...

I think that the best options are CXX Qt, GTK or Iced. It's only my opinion

GUIs for Embedded, Desktop, and Web

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It is a interesting option, Slint

Thanks @mhanusek

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