how to create a desktop application with rust

I am new to the rust language and I need to create a desktop application with buttons and labels

There are a lot of options, but you'll need to be more specific for anyone to be able to recommend something.

For what platform(s)? Web? Native? Web and native? What toolkit? Do you need accessibility support? System integration? Standalone executable, or are large file dependencies acceptable? Pure Rust, or mixed with another language? "Modern" design, or is something older okay? Native look and feel? Do you prefer immediate or retained mode?

Or, you can try the self-service option:


You might have luck with Qt wrappers, but the most straightforward option (especially if you're not open source and don't want to get a commercial Qt license) is probably Tauri, which is basically "good Electron", with native (including custom Rust code) APIs exposed to a WebView based UI.

The "pure" Rust GUI libraries like Iced and Druid were still too early for production last I checked, though Iced seems like the most likely "winner".

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