Current starting point for Rust on Arduino Due (SAM3X ARM Cortex-M3)?


I have done research and there are a lot of topics/guides advice related to embedded Rust and sometimes the Arduino Due specifically. Perhaps it is my own failing, but I am struggling to filter what of this is current, recommended practice versus older approaches that have been superseded. There does not yet seem to be an authoritative source like this is with some other areas of Rust.

I am willing to struggle through how to get things working with my board, but I would really rather start from a “known good” state rather the struggling only to find out I was using an outdated package/approach. Hence, what would the current recommended starting point or guide for running Rust on and Arduino Due?

Specifically I have a Macchina M2—a board for automotive applications that derived from the Arduino Due, has the same SAM3X ARM Cortex-M3) processor, and had an ecosystem built around the Arduino IDE—that I would like to get Rust code running on.

Ability to interface with Arduino libraries would be nice-to-have but not a must. I will consider my project a success if I can get to the point of controlling the LEDs and responding to the buttons. If I really like it and find the time my “large” project for it would be to emulate an ELM327.