Embedded programming in Rust


I’m looking for advice regarding embedded programming in Rust.
I’m actually new to both topics, Rust and embedded programming. I usually develop in C++ and want to start with some embedded just for fun. I’m following Rust for quite some time and it seems to be the language I’ve always wanted to use.

Is there a dedicated place for discussing these topics? I’ve already discovered zinc.rs but both the website and github are lacking a discussion platform and information is also quite sparse.

Since I’m a total newbie I need advice for even the most basic topics, such as:

  • Do you recommend using a “proven” C++ environment (mbed, Arduino, …) first before starting with Rust?
  • If yes, which one is best suited for using with Rust later?
  • Which boards/starter kits are most suitable/recommended?
  • Are there any starting points / tutorials for newcomers like me?



You might want to look at this topic. Also there was a rust skeleton project for the adroino due on github, sadly I do not remember it’s name.

And I do recommend using a “proven” environment/hardware witch is not too complicate, documented and also does support rust (e.g. some working skeleton/example project exists).

The mentioned skeleton is dueboot.
Through it’s last commit was half a year ago, so it might not be working out of the box.


because I’m intrested in this myselfe I took a look around:

If I would start embedding programming with rust as a hobby project I thing I would go with a mbed LPC1768 board in combination with the zinc.rs project. Even through the zinc.rs project looks promising it currently only supports two MCUs (inkluding the mbed LPC1768 board) and is in a experimental state.
So you might want to take a closer look at zinc.rs before buying anything.


Thanks for the pointers.
I’ll probably go with something like the mbed Starter Kit from SparkFun. Perhaps starting with C++ first and only dive into Rust later on.

zinc.rs looks promising but there does not seem to be a place for discussions there. Unfortunately, Github does not provide something like a forum.