Rust for embedded system

please help me to set up my computer( linux mint) for embedded programming in rust

Please follow the tutorial(s) on

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I might get punished for this :expressionless:

Why do you post 4 almost identical images? You can edit it beforehand on your laptop by using kolourpaint, gnome-paint or gimp. I don’t see a reason why you posted the image, opened it with your smartphone, make a red box around it and post that again…
You could also just paste the content of the terminal here (use the <code>...</code> block please! ) and say something about it. But please, don’t post a ton of images. (also see which gives a little reasoning about why it is considered bad (I know, this isn’t stackoverflow, but the reasons should be the same)).

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Btw. your problem has nothing to do with Rust, you are just trying to modify a file, which doesn’t exist (please read the error message which exactly tells you what’s wrong!).
I think you haven’t plugged in your device? I don’t even know what you are trying to achieve. You haven’t posted anything yet apart from some screenshots. No error description, not what you want to achieve. Please add that!

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